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VRRM[V min]: 2000
VRRM[V max]: 2800
IFAV[A]: 4000
Tс°C: 124
VFM (Tc=25°C)[V]: 1.80
IFM (Tc=25°C)[A]: 12560
VF(TO)/Tjmax[V]: 0.85
rT/Tjmax[m?]: 0.065
Tj max[°C]: 175
Rthjc[°C/W]: 0.0085
Package: D.F1
Design: disc
Type: rectifying

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  • Description

    Low static losses. Industry standard design. Tjmax = 175 °C

  • Applications

    Rectifying diodes are one of the most widespread types of power switches. They are designed for use in AC/DC systems up to 500 Hz in general purpose electric devices. Anode and cathode are flat bases. Polarity of the diode is marked by a polarity symbol on its housing. The devices have a sealed housing insulating the semiconductor element from environment.

    Applications: rectifying bridges, traction converters, electric drives, invertors.

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