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VRRM[V min]: 3800
VRRM[V max]: 4400
IFAV[A]: 320
Tс°C: 90
VFM (Tc=25°C)[V]: 3.60
IFM (Tc=25°C)[A]: 1000
VF(TO)/Tjmax[V]: 1.50
rT/Tjmax[m?]: 2.000
trr/Tjmax[?s]: 4.0
Tj max[°C]: 125
Rthjc[°C/W]: 0.0350
Package: D.C3
Design: disc
Type: fast recovery

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  • Description

    Low dynamic losses. Low charge and duration of reverse recovery.

  • Applications

    Fast recovery (high frequency) diodes are used in static energy converters and other AC and DC circuits for frequencies of 2000 Hz or more, as well as various power units requiring low reverse recovery time trr and low recovery charge Qrr. A special feature of such diodes is their high current-carrying capacity at high frequencies.
    Applications: high power DC drives for industry and transportation, rectifiers for electrometallurgy, invertors, frequency converters for transportation, uninterruptible power sources.

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