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Modular Inverter Systems

Half-bridge basic unit based on IGBT PrimePACK module

System output three phase up to 1500 kW

IGBT voltage up to 1700 V

IGBT current up to 1400 А

Parallel connectability of units 

Air or water cooling 

Includes IGBT module, cooling system, IGBT driver, current sensor, DC-link capacitor

3-phase inverter based on six IGBT PrimePACK modules 

Output power up to 2 MW

Parallel connectability of modules

Possibility of hard and soft  parallel connection of inverters

Water cooling

Includes IGBT modules, cooling system, IGBT drivers, current sensors, DC-link capacitor, interface board

3-phase rectifier bridge B6C with DC-link capacitors

Suitable fits into VARIS™ family

Uncontrolled, semi-controlled and fully-controlled versions

Air or water cooling 

Includes secure firing unit, surge suppressor, DC-link capacitor


  • Inverter for induction heating and melting equipment
  • Frequency convertersInverter for wind and solar energy equipment
  • Inverter for battery chargers
  • Inverter as an active filter for network supply or interconnection of grids
  • Inverter for traction or mining application
  • Welding equipment

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