JSC «Proton-Electrotex» produces and suppliers power semiconductor devices: thyristors and diodes of disc, stud and module constructional types, as well as voltage limiters, silicon resistor, heat sinks for them.

Our product range is based on press - pack construction. The press - pack construction allows materials with different coefficients of thermal expansion to move relative to each other without causing mechanical stress, hence it increases device expectancy and its resistance to thermal cycling.
In contrast to brazed system, the press - pack construction permits to produce semiconductor device of 150 mm in diameter, hence it ensures high power density of converters.

The released production covers practically a wide spectrum of power thyristors and diodes with voltage from 100 to 6500 V and with current from 100 to 7100 A on the base of silicone crystal of 24 - 100 mm in diameter. Along with thyristors and diodes which are supposed to operate under industrial frequency our company also produces fast and pulse - frequency thyristors, fast - recovery diodes as well as diodes with soft characteristic of reverse recovery.

The manufacturer is responsive to consumer demand, for that reason the manufacturing process is adapted to the production "make- to- order". A customer can order a small batch, group devices according to parameters, produce specialized wire connections, and manufacture devices with unique characteristics.


Address: 19 Leskova Str., Orel, 302040, Russia, room 27, off. 14

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