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1996. The year of Proton-Electrotex,JSC foundation - a company which develops and produces bipolar power semiconductor devices - diodes and thyristors in hockey, stud and module packages, and also power assemblies with this devices.
The choice to organize production of power semiconductor devices was made basing on marketing researches which show growing demand for the product which quality and reliability meet the best standards of the world industry. The company was created by the specialists who had good experience in the field of microelectronics and were involved in scientific and practical activity for many years. A talented scientist and leader Oleg Tyurin was elected as the General Director of the company. He managed to create a collective of highly qualified specialists within a short period. From the very beginning the company set for itself high standard of product and services quality. The first independent project of the new collective was production of fast semiconductor devices in 1996.

In 1997
due to growing demand for finished assemblies of the devices with heat sinks the mechanical production was started in the company. Already at the end of 1997 more than 10 thousand of different power assemblies were delivered to the customers.

In 1998
, just in the second year of its existence, the company becomes the leader of Russian electrotechnical industry. Contracts with the biggest Russian companies were made: such as "SeverStal", OJSC, Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Ural Electrotechnical Plant", Russial Ril Ways and the Ministry of Nuclear Energy of Russia.

- mastered production of frequency converters for asynchronous electric motors.

The production base of the company was improving during all the period of the company development. Due to widening of technological opportunities our engineers were able to get the optimal combination of product quality and shortest delivery time. Longsighted business strategy of Proton-Electrotex, JSC leaders and focus on quality and advanced technologies allowed the company to come to the world market. Today Proton-Electrotex, JSC is one of the leading companies in Russia and Europe. Our devices work in different parts of Russia, CIS, Baltic states, Europe and America. Reliability of our devices is guaranteed by the production quality and teamwork of high qualified specialists. The team of the company is about 400 specialists. All the engineers and technical workers of Proton-Electrotex, JSC have high education.

In 2002
appeared foreign representative of Proton-Electrotex,JSC-the company GvA Leistungselektronik GmbH (Germany). Today Proton-Electrotex, JSC has more than twenty representatives all over the world.
In 2002 the quality management system of the company was certified according to international standard ISO 9001:2000. The company received the license of the Federal Agency on ecological, technological and nuclear control of the Russian Federation for production of power semiconductor devices for nuclear stations.

In 2003
- mastered production of power semiconductor devices in module package.

In 2006 for fast and high quality service for foreign partners the company TH Proton-Electrotex, JSC was created. Today there are more than twenty high-qualified marketing, sales, purchase and logistics of semiconductor devices.

In 2007
the ecological management of the company was certified according to requirements of international standard ISO14001:2004.

In 2009
technical acceptance of products by representatives of "Russian Rail Ways", OJSC was organized. This was a result of growing demand for Proton-Electrotex, JSC devices in the companies and subdivisions of "Russian Rail Ways" ,OJSC.

. Establishing of Joint Venture Hebei Proton-Electrotex Electronic Co., Ltd in Province Hebei in China.

2014. JSC «TH PROTON-ELECTORTEX» became an exclusive representative of GvA Leistungselektronik GmbH (Germany) in Russia and CIS in case of promoting modular inverter systems VARIS™.